Judith Vélez has a distinct filmic vision, and an ability to find strong characters and relevant stories. She has vast experience filming in remote areas of Peru and South America, as well as the United States, Europe, and Asia. Her work has been distributed and recognized at an international level.
In 2001, she founded Nomad Films and moved ahead with her first film, The Trial (La Prueba), awarded at the Verona Film Festival and the Santa Cruz Film Festival. At the same time she organized a Documentary Film Festival,Cine de lo Real”.  

As a director, she transitions effortlessly from fiction to documentary films. Some of her works are: Sarita: patrona del pueblo, The sound of the Huaca, Tinkuy, Six with Eight, Freedom now!, 1509 Operation Victory, Bringing the aircraft back  and The Unseen (currently a work in progress).

As Managing Director of Nomad Films, she has gained the trust of international production companies and has collaborated in series such as: Guns, Germs & Steel; Lima Siege, Locked Up Abroad, Ventre des femmes, Coca, Terror and the Inca Uprising, Nazca Lines, Informants, and Tribal Teens among others, for Nat Geo, Discovery, Raw Tv,  Art - France, Sepia - Argentina, Channel 2, Ogilvy&Mather and Promperu.  

Along with loyal group of collaborators, Judith Vélez has consolidated the prestige of Nomad Films, while continuing to search for relevant stories and new audiences.


Since 2008, Marco has been part of Nomad Films, as  director of photography on Free them now! and has continued with 1509 Operation VictoryInformants  and The Unseen(currently a work in progress). He was also a collaborator on the excellent local television projects produced by Plus TV Channel such as Tiempo de Viaje, Los Colores de la Fé & Jammin.  His strong visual style singles him out as one of the best photographer/cameramen of his generation.


Roberto began working with Nomad Films in 2005, editing the full-length film titled The Trial. Since then, he has become the editor of all our projects. His career began as the editor of Josué Méndez's debut film entitled Días de Santiago, best Peruvian movie of 2003 awarded in Montreal, Havana and BAFICI.

Other credits: Muero por Muriel, El país de los Saxos, Mariposa Negra, nominated at the Goya Award in 2007, and his latest Contracorriente, Audience Award at Sundance and San Sebastian in 2010. He also was the editor and coordinator at the San Antonio de los  Baños Cinema School - Cuba.



Rosa Maria has collaborated with Nomad Films since 1998 with the 4-hour TV series: People of the XX Century, The Trial and 1509 Operation Victory

In 1992 she moved into the full-length film, Alias La Gringa, and since then, she has developed her skills as a sound designer.  Other credits include feature films such as Una sombra al frente, Postales de Leningrado, Paloma de papel, Asu Mare 1 y 2, El Elefante Desaparecido. She also was the Director of the Peruvian National Film Council.



At Nomad Films, we are accustomed to facing big challenges. Our reputation rests on complex documentaries, risky interviews and ambitious recreations, all done in our signature visual style.
Our main interests lie in multicultural subject matter focused on anthropological social studies and archeological culture. Everything from illegal timber camps to coca leaf plantations, from a women’s prison in Lima to the March of Peace in Colombia, and from the citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru to a Shinto Temple in Toyokawa, Japan.

In 2006, Nomad Films released their first full-length feature, The Trial (La Prueba), which participated in various international film festivals and received awards in Verona, Italy, and Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
We also provide local production/fixer services for international production companies, organizing their filming in Peru and Latin America. We’ll walk them through customs, as well as hotels and other travel arrangements. We’ll sort out location permits for all archeological sites and natural reserves located 5,000 feet above sea level. We handle casting of professional and non-professional actors for films and documentaries.
Our passion is research and content development for local TV stations and international cable channels. We’re here to help you, so we’ll adapt to your budget level.