Our documentary, The Unseen, was initially shot throughout September/October 2015. It was directed by Judith Vélez, along with Producer, Tania Media, DP Marco Arauco and John Figueroa on Sound. Other contributors were Atomica Grip & Camera Support and the Santa Rosa Hotel. Filming took place in the city of Ayacucho and the Quechua communities Cochas, Acosvinchos and Uaychao. Shooting will resume in the Cutivireni  Native Community in June.


Today´s life in the Peruvian Andes is gentle and peaceful, contrary to 20 years ago. The Unseen gathers visual testimonials of the war that freed remote, impoverished Quechua and Amazonian communities in Peru from the grip of terror that the Maoist Shining Path group held over them from 1980 to 1992. Four intrepid photographers, Alejandro Balaguer, Vera Lentz, Oscar Medrano, and Victor Ch. Vargas, return to the places where eight powerful images were captured and reunite with the subjects of their photos who survived. The Unseen shows the physical and spiritual journey of the photographers and their subjects, and portrays – twenty years later – the lasting effects of a conflict that changed all of their lives forever.


The Unseen participated in Pitch Project at the Doc Buenos Aires (2012) and  also received an award from the Peruvian Cinema Fund in the Documentary category in 2013/2014 (dafo.cultura.peru)