David and Julie are a nostalgic seventies couple and every night they play rock and blues together at a Club in Atlanta. But despite their great talent, both are facing economic hardship. One night at the club they met Melvyn, who takes advantage of their financial crisis and proposes they should travel to Venezuela to ship some drugs to Europe. He assures them that everything is "fixed and under control”. Despite this alluring proposal, Julie doesn't accept while David, mortified by the debts, agrees to become a “Mule”.


In Caracas he collects 6 kg of cocaine and, in spite his terrible fears and paranoia, he nerves himself to go through the local customs at the airport. But as usual nothing is “fixed” and anti-narcotics agents will discover the drugs and take him to the most dangerous prison in Caracas, where music will save his life.

Raw TV, Nat Geo
Peru-UK, 1 hour, 2008

Directed & written by

Renny Barlett

Local Production

Judith Vélez


Michael Timmey


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