THE AMAZING RACE, Latin America Season 4

The fourth season of award-winning reality show The Amazing Race  was the first fully regional version, made up of 11 competing Brazilian pairs of people of varying ages, racing through 13 stages throughout Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia. The 5th stage was held in Paracas and the 6th in Lima. Winners received a Grand Prize of 250,000 US dollars. The season was hosted by Brazilian model/actor Paulo Zulu.



EP 05 Parte 1 (ver aquí)

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EP 05 Parte 3 (ver aquí)

EP 05 Parte 4 (ver aquí)


EP 06 Parte 1 (ver aquí)

EP 06 Parte 2 (ver aquí)

EP 06 Parte 3 (ver aquí)

EP 06 Parte 4 (ver aquí)

Disney Media Networks,Turner, Cinemat Inc.
Melyna Deluchi, Mimi Bejarano,Gabriela Nuñez
USA,  2012

Local Production

Mediática Producciones
Cielo Garrido, Judith Vélez

Directed by

Marco Colantoni


Lima, Paracas

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