Some dishes belong to everyone, whether they were made from grandma´s recipe or by a famous chef, in your kitchen or in a fine dining establishment. Taste Brought Me Here is a culinary adventure following the histories and secrets of our most traditional dishes.

Renowned Peruvian chef Flavio Solórzano travels to Cusco and to the Pucusana fishing village. Surrounded by the natural beauty and Inca architecture, he shares a unique experience, preparing three emblematic dishes, El Ceviche, La Huatia and El Olluquito con Charqui, recipes will cook on a firewood stove as a tribute to the creativity and methods of our ancestors.


EL CEVICHE: The seascape of Pucusana (60km.south Lima) is the setting for the preparation of the outstanding Ceviche. “Far more than a typical dish, ceviche is a cultural milestone. With no official origins but perfected by millions of chefs, it has become a historical and contemporary work of art.”


LA HUATIA: Chincheros is an Incan town of skilled weavers and farmers, a colorful location for preparing La Huatia. Nowadays, this dish is also used as a ceremonial offering to Mamapacha (Mother Earth).


OLLUQUITO CON CHARQUI: The Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman is the place where Flavio Solórzano will prepare the Olluquito con Charqui, a typical dish from Cusco that dates back to the 17th Century.

Ombu Media - Telesur
Uruguay/Venezuela, 27 min. 3 ep. 2014

Directed By

Cecilia Gonzales, Andrea Pozzolo

Local Producer

Nomad Films - Judith Vélez


Alejandro Rocchi


Lima, Pucusana, Machu Picchu, Chincheros, Sacsayhuamán

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