In Peru, museum curator Renato Riquelme made his greatest-ever archaeological discovery: a tiny 20-inch skeleton with a massive skull. It is heralded in the press as an alien child. Now anthropologist Dr. Theo Paredes investigates these shocking claims.

It is of equal size to the rest of the skeletal remains, and after scientists fail to find any traces of paternal DNA along with other markers that would indicate its origins were human, extraterrestrial life is fully considered.


The Unexplained Files is an unabashed telling of some of the world’s best and most baffling true stories. Uncover some of the world’s most profound and disturbing mysteries with smart investigative journalism and a creative style that will launch you into an exploration of the unknown.

Raw TV, Discovery Science Channel
Fausto Appiolaza UK, 22 min. 2004

Directed by

Stan Griffin

Local Producer

Nomad Films - Judith Vélez


Robin Fox


Lima, Cusco, Huaro, Sacsayhuamán

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