Judith Vélez, the director of “To See Again”, brings the film to the Andean communities where the film was shot

With the support of the local majors and other authorities, To See Again was screened in the communities of Acos Vinchos, Huaychao, and Cochas.

At the screening at Acos Vinchos, in the auditorium of the municipality, the mayor Carlos Aymen Simón and the senior inhabitants welcomed the production team and the audience, more than 300 hundred indigenous peasants. The photographer Vera Lentz and two leaders of rural self-defense groups, Fortunato Cipriano and Marcelina Urbano, were present, and received significant recognition from the major.

In Huaychao, the screening of To See Again took place at the local school. The mayor of the community, Hipólito Quispe, and Mrs. Francisca Cisneros were present. Both of them also appear in the documentary. After the screening, director Judith Vélez led a lively conversation. The production team also organized a lunch for the community as recognition of their support during the shooting.

In Cochas, To See Again was shown in the school of the community. The mayor Efraín Torres, and Mrs. Teófila Sanchez, and Mrs. Flora Vega Ccanjo, who also appear in the documentary, were present. After the screening, the director lead a discussion session, and the production team shared appetizers with the attendees.

Judith Vélez
Jessenia Cristobal
Janeth Huamán
Diego Vargas Acuña
Acos Vinchos Coordination
Margot Bellido Yupanqui
Acos Vinchos Municipality
Huaychao Coordination
Hipólito Quispe
Cochas Coordination
San Miguel Municipality
Efraín Torres
Irwin Gonzáles