Nómade Films, release its educational project “Memories that enlighten” and signs an agreement with the Place of Memory, Tolerance and Social Inclusion Museum – LUM

Nómade Films releases its educational project “Teaching Memories”, and signs an agreement with the Peruvian museum Place of Memory, Tolerance, and Social Inclusion (LUM).

“Teaching Memories” is an educational project that envisions the screening of the documentary To See Again in the regions most affected by the political violence of the Peruvian Armed Conflict. These regions are Apurímac, Ayacucho, Junín, Huancavelica and Lima. The project will reach 15,000 school students and 5,000 university students in their classrooms, who after watching the documentary will discuss it with their teachers.

During the research process in the highlands of Ayacucho, we became aware that many local youngsters were eager to understand what has happened during the time of political violence. The project “Teaching Memories” is an offshoot of that experience. It encourages youngsters to analyze and reflect the causes of that violence and aims to develop an active citizenship that respect cultural diversity and foster a culture of peace.

The project “Teaching Memories” has signed a cooperation agreement with the LUM for the development of a pedagogical guide for teachers. Using the documentary To See Again as a springboard for debate, the guide, done by Education Department of the LUM, provides leading-edge instruction in the areas of Social Sciences, Arts, and Personal and Social Development for secondary school students